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default paw·nedČ: All-In-One Team Build & Template Editor

Post by Trytan on Wed 11 Nov - 2:52

I stumbled upon this program the other day while browsing the Guild Wars Guru forums. It's somewhat similar to GWFreak in that it allows you to edit and create build templates and export them into Guild Wars. The only difference being that it is still supported/updated and has a LOT more functionality.

I have only used it so far to create a few build templates. But it also allows you to make equipment templates and allows you to work on the templates for an entire team at once. It uses the databases from the official Guild Wars Wiki to keep tabs on the skill descriptions so whenever ANet releases a skill balance/update you'll be able to merely update this software within an hour or two of the game update and all of the skills will be updated accordingly. A mod was just added to the program that supports the Codex Arena as well and will allow you to make builds using only the skills available for that day.

As I said I haven't really gotten to in depth with the program yet (probably will never use half of the features in it)...but from what I've seen so far it is very slick and well put together.

Here is a link to the thread on guru that gives some more details about it and has a link and instructions on how to download it if anyone is interested.

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default Cool program

Post by Danny on Wed 2 Dec - 12:41

Thanks for the post. I have just started playing around with the program but it definely has potential.

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