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Post by Hadouken on Tue 20 Oct - 10:51

Thanks to Rehwyn for originally posting this on our forums here.

Basic Build - PvXwiki
2-Player Build - PvXwiki

Discordway is a team build, named after the main skill in the build, Discord.

Discordway is a team build commonly used for vanquishing and for Hard mode missions. It features 3 necromancer heroes using Discord to deal heavy armor-ignoring damage on a single target. Since both conditions required for Discord are easily met by use of various Curses or Death Magic skills, this kind of build leaves much room for utility.

The main component of Discordway is Discord, an elite necromancer spell which deals large amount of armor-ignoring damage to one target. However, it requires that the target has a condition and is under the effects of either a hex or an enchantment spell. Heroes use this skill very effectively, as they are able to observe the whole battlefield all the time, and will use Discord on suitable targets whenever possible (unless performing other tasks). Heroes usually use Discord in sync, resulting in a large spike, and quickly overpowering any enemy healers. The low recharge time of Discord ensures that enemies will go down quickly, allowing heroes' Soul Reaping to provide excellent energy management.

Because Soul Reaping allows decent energy management, and all three heroes only need Discord and few skills to help meet its conditions, heroes could be built as minion masters, Restoration or Healing Prayers healers, or to use Curses and Death magic or Protection Prayers for offensive and/or defensive support.

Discordway is strictly a PvE team build; although spike teams utilizing Discord are used or have been used before, Discordway is almost always used to refer to a team build consisting of three necromancer heroes.


* No need for hero control, you only need to call on the target.
* Good energy management.
* Leaves room for utility skills.


* Less useful in areas with heavy hex and condition removal.
* Soul Reaping proves less useful in fights against single and durable foes.
* Relying on minions to reduce damage makes it less viable in areas with few or contested corpses.
* Relies heavily on spamming an elite skill, making it ineffective against monsters with Signet of Humility.

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