Application of Marjah Clendennen (Status TCK Member)

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default Application of Marjah Clendennen (Status TCK Member)

Post by Marjah on Fri 22 Aug - 22:09


1. Your In-Game Names and classes and what made you choose these names:
Marjah Clendennen, necromancer/mesmer. The name Marjah is a name I've used in various MMOs and each character with her name has bits and pieces of personality of the others, however are the majority their own seperate and unique character. Clendennen is one of the surnames I used in Anarchy Online for a number of my characters who were meant to have relation to each-other, this is simply a continuation of such and not meant to be the exact same personality and character as the other one.

2. Chapters of Guild Wars that you own and how long you have played them:
I own Prophicies and Eye of the North, and have been playing a little under a month. Soon I am looking forward to adding Factions and Nightfall.

3. What is your real life Age, first name(for that familiar touch) and
Gender, (and it's ok to be an ingame crossdresser, our leader is):
I am 22 years old, my *real* first name is Matt, however, I am a pre-transition MtF Transexual, and frequently go by the names Perin and Bea.

4. Location, in the real world (feel free to be as specific or
non-specific as you wish. It's just nice to know where you are at in
the world and what may be going on around you):
Massachusetts, USA

5. Times and days you play:
I usually play any time in the afternoon hours to the early morning hours of EST, some days I'm just not in the mood to play or am busy with things around me, but I'd still say I am online quite frequently.

6. Do you have Ventrilo? (this is not a requirement but it makes things a
darn site easier to teach and learn through. We have an Alliance server)
Yes I do.

7. What do you expect from the guild, and try to elaborate about your needs:
Well, I've had much previous experience in many games, and I have really my own style of play. I enjoy PvP once in a while but I usually wouldn't focus on it for my own personal self for more than a week or two at a time, and I havn't dabbled at all yet in GW PvP so I may not even enjoy it here. Other from that, I am a light, casual roleplayer who enjoys frequent PvE.

8. In couple of sentences introduce yourself?
As I said earlier, I'm a 22 year old from Massachusetts, years ago I dropped out of high-school but recently I've finished about 6 months of an Adult Basic Education course for my G.E.D. of which 4 of the 5 tests I've completed with very high scores, the last test I am taking in early Oct. and expect no trouble at all with it.

As for my gaming history, I started heavily playing them with Diablo 2, though I'd played some SC/Diablo before then. After that I moved on to Anarchy Online, a cyberpunk style MMORPG in which I joined a few guilds but then ultimately ended up taking over the reigns of a 5yr old guild. This guild was surely my calling, we were a very tight-knit group of players with a history and continuing RP of essentially the Mafia (or a guild of theives, especially if anyone who reads this is familiar with the organization of "The Mockers" from the Riftwar series, I'd like to think that we lived up to our name.), we were in many senses a "family" and the members remain friends of mine still. I am still part of this guild in Anarchy Online, however I had handed the reigns over to a long-time friend of mine, as I really have given up on playing AO further.

After and in between my on and off time in AO, I have played: City of Villains which sadly didn't last long, however I did love the game. Trickster Online, which I started when I was in-between quality computers and was unable to play much else, enjoyed it quite much and it was a refreshing break from more competitive style games. Secondlife which isn't really a game, but I did play and still occasionally frequent my friends there. And of course, the MMO that destroys everyone, WoW, which I'm still currently logging in for 3-4 hours on Tuesday nights for one raid a week, but that started when I started playing Guild Wars, obviously as I'm here and applying to a guild, I've been enjoying GW more than the gear-driven world of WoW.

Oh... and another thing... I tend to ramble on, as you may have noticed by me giving "A couple paragraphs" in a question that asked for "A couple sentences" ^.^

9. What do you like to do in the game, what do you think you can
contribute to our guild, and what would you like to accomplish in the
At the moment I'm open to doing pretty much anything in Guild Wars, there's still much of the world to be explored for my own satisfaction and meeting new people to hang around with or even possibly start up some RP with could be great.

10. Tell us how you found out about us. If you are a referral from another
guild member or a guild, we would like to know. recruition thread.

11. Any other information about your self or your GW experiences you
feel we should know or that you want to share.

Up till now I've not really looked in to a guild here in GW yet, but I figured that it was probably about time for me to do so. I havn't partied much in GW yet either, as I've found the ones I've been in the other players kind of seemed to think of their own things and not working together, I also found using my Heroes/Hench much more effective than other players in many scenarios, so I avoided random teaming for the most part.

I'm currently working my way through the Prophecies campaign, have slacked on doing every-single quest available there even with the huge access to spells from them since moving towards Kryta. I have played through the EotN campaign first because it felt more like an exciting storyline at the start compared to Prophecies, obtaining the Heroes was a nice bonus I enjoyed too and it's paid off. After completing EotN I've returned to Proph and made my way through the jungle so far, after doing so many secondary questing I felt like just focusing on primary for a while.

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default Re: Application of Marjah Clendennen (Status TCK Member)

Post by Lady Herodias on Sat 23 Aug - 14:22

Hi Marjan,

Thanks for your application. You've joined the right place if your trying to get through prophecies. There are many here that can do the chapter with their eyes closed! We have a PvP officer who I am sure would enjoy some PvP company....that is when he returns from his one month active duty! Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy your stay with TCK.

Lady H

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default Re: Application of Marjah Clendennen (Status TCK Member)

Post by Eireann on Sun 24 Aug - 4:40

Hey Mar!!

Welcome to the guild!!! If you need any help at all, or you just wanna group for randomness feel free to scream. Most of the time I sit around decideing wot I wanna do, so it wouldnt be bothersome to help out. Im bringing my Derv through Proph so we might be able to meet up. Looking foward to grouping!

-- Eos

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default Re: Application of Marjah Clendennen (Status TCK Member)

Post by Aeternalia on Mon 25 Aug - 20:22

Thanks for posting your app!

As you will see,, this is a very diverse group of people. I'm sure you will find some good times and fun with the guildies we have here.. I know I sure have.

Looking forward to seeing you in game.

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default Re: Application of Marjah Clendennen (Status TCK Member)

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