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Post by Danny on Sun 10 Jan - 19:31

Many or maybe most of you know me. Those of you who may not....HI! I'm Dan.

I am an experienced player and have at least 3 characters among my 3 accounts that have completed all the chapters and EOTN. I currently am playing as a Ritualist because they are awesome as Spirit Spammers. I also like warrior and necromancers. I also have a monk and an ele who are permanant presear.

I am online a lot. I enjoying helping people. I type really slow so I do not chat a lot, but I will be happy to answer any questions or help with any quest/mission or dungeon. While I cannot guarantee first time results I can guarantee I will stay at it with you until you give up.

Most of my toons' name begin with DI......Di Ri, Di Daanq, Di Sin, Di Ele Gant Ly [you get the idea Cool ]. There is a reason for this. I earned my experience the hard way....I died a lot...a whole lot! Our former guild leader use to say I found more ways to die that any player he knew and he played the game in beta.

I take pride in my deaths and treat them as learning experiences not as failures. I enjoy the game and play it like it as a game. I have even learned to get my new toons to Survivor 1 and almost made it to Survivor 2 once. So I do not die as much as I use to.

I am a retired old guy who has nothing better to do than sit in front of these [I have 3] computer screens and play games. I am as patient as the day is long and would like to help anyone who needs help, whether it be advice, knowledge or as a partner.

The best way to get my attention if I am online is to whisper to me....It makes a sound on my computer when you do that and i usually notice. If you try and do not succeed it may be that I am killin stuff and have my music up to loud....although my wife fusses at me if I do. So keep tyin I will notice you eventually. I also visit here at least daily so you can leave a note or request and i will answer.

In my humble opinion the only stupid question is the one you don't ask, the only failure is the task you don't try and in this game if you aren't dying you aren't trying. So ask your questions, try the mission and if you die either rez yourself or try again. [GRIN] I am quite the philosopher these days. Rolling Eyes

If you need help i will try to assist you. (Sorry for the long post, I type slow but when i get going I go on and on and on......lol clown


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Post by Game Nurse on Sun 10 Jan - 22:49

Hey. Wait a minute. This is a new guy...where is his application??? Was he actually approved even???


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