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Post by Trytan on Wed 22 Jul - 22:24

James & Forrist made a rare appearance and were both back on last night. Got to do some AB for a bit with James and one of the members from Ascalon Online (newest guild in the alliance). We had some fun and actually won a battle quite handedly (think thats a first for me Smile ). Wish I was around at the time when the Tenite's were both active before they caught the WoW bug, they seem like great guys.

Anyhoo they both made very generous donations to the guild bank. Razel donated 200k and Aeternelia donated 100k. I've never had enough gold on me at a time to even need the storage chest, feels very weird having this much in there right now Smile . As soon as me and Gunter get online at the same time I'll pass along the gold to the guild bank account.

Once activity picks up a bit after the summer a chunk of cash like this should help us fund some contests or activities. Thanks again Forrist and James! Your genorous donation is much appreciated!

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