Okay...that was fun...what next?

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default Okay...that was fun...what next?

Post by Claude Tuwshreads on Sun 12 Jul - 23:36


1. Your In-Game Names and classes and what made you choose these names:

Claude Tuwshreads – Ranger – My main character! I always wanted to build a beast master…and my name reflects my skill with that.

Heywood Jakissme – Warrior – My first character, wasn’t sure I’d like GW so I made a throw away character that I ended up playing (and keeping obviously).

Chia Monk – Monk (no, really…it is) Inspired by a TV Commercial. (Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Monk)

Diamond Dolly – Ranger – Not sure what inspired that name, but I do like her initials (alright…get your mind out of the gutter)

Nadassin Urlokinfor – Assassin (surprised, weren’t ya?) – Probably my worst character, and definitely not an assassin you’d be looking for.

Oh Mighty Isis – Rit – Went thru a dozen name suggestions, and none were available. Got it from the Isis show/cartoon/whatever.

Datango Maureen – Necro – I really liked that song from Rent (most people don’t get the reference).

Aeslyce Uf Peizha – Derv – I’m thinking I must have been hungry when I made this character.

Diabetic Paragon – Paragon (no, really…it is) – Created him shortly after I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I figure if he can deal with it…I can too.

Mything Person Case – Necro (stays in pre) – I enjoy Pre, and wanted a permanent character there. I think he was generated during an episode of CSI. (Shame he can’t access the community storage chest though.)

Muletide Greetinz – Ele - was originally just a storage character…but she’s started exploring the world. (Created around Christmas time, if I remember right.)

2. Chapters of Guild Wars that you own and how long you have played them:

Let’s see…Chapters 1-17, 24-32, and 45. (Naw…I’m just kidding…I’ve got all the Chapters). And I’ve played them for a long time.

3. What is your real life age, first name, and gender?
Don't worry, it's ok to be an in-game crossdresser, our leader is.

Real life age is over 20…(coff coff…over 30)….(coff coff…over 40). Gender is male. First name? Well…just call me Claude (or whatever character I’m currently using). I get way too confused trying to keep track of people otherwise. If Susie is Ralph…and Tom is Joe…I’ll never keep it straight, so I have a tendency just to call people by whatever character name they’re playing.

4. Location in the real world:
Feel free to be as specific or non-specific as you wish. It's just nice to know where you are and what may be going on around you.

In front of my computer. In the sunshinest place on the face of the earth. (Honest, I can provide proof.)

5. Times and days you play:

Depends on insomnia. Generally an hour or so each nite during the work week, and who knows on the weekends.

6. Do you have Ventrilo?
This is not a requirement but it makes things a darn site easier to teach and learn through. We have our own server.

Nope, I got inoculated for that at an early age.

7. What do you expect from the guild, and try to elaborate about your needs:

I expect a toaster. And to elaborate on that, I expect a four-slice toaster, with at least two wide slots that can accommodate bagels.

8. In couple of sentences introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Claude Tuwshreads. I’m Claude Tuwshreads, and you are? (How’d I do?)

9. What do you like to do in the game, what do you think you can contribute to our guild, and what would you like to accomplish in the game?

I like to waste time in the game.

(Checks pockets)…Uh..right now, I can contribute some lint to the guild.

As far as I what I would like to accomplish in the game, I’d like every one to refer to me as Supreme Commander, and make daily tithes to me. Other than that, I’d settle for a town named after me….or I suppose I could settle for just an NPC.

10. Tell us how you found out about us:
If you are a referral from another guild member or a guild, we would like to know.

There was this bar in Old Ascalon, and after some extensive sampling of the products they had to sell…I had to use their restroom. I seem to recall scrawled on the wall “For a good time..Contact Trytan at TCK”…and to be honest, that’s about all I remember of that evening. (If anybody has recently found a coin purse embroidered with “C.T” in purple thread, I’d appreciate it back…especially if there’s any gold in it…especially since there wasn’t any in it when I lost it.)

11. Any other information about yourself or your GW experiences you feel we should know or that you want to share.

I have an odd sense of humor that sometimes (okay, most of the time) only I appreciate. Oh yes, and sometimes I enjoy a good game of Cat N. Mouse on GW Guru.

Please remember to be as informative and clever as possible. One worded responses generally show a lack of genuine interest.

Gee….how’d I do???
Claude Tuwshreads
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default Re: Okay...that was fun...what next?

Post by Trytan on Mon 13 Jul - 1:02

Much like your post in the Looking for Guild section of the guru forums you have succeeded in making me laugh, my wife just asked what the hell I was laughing at. Those are some great character names Very Happy

And we only give out toasters in this guild after 25 years of faithful service to the guild.....unfortunately the toasters only have two slots which are regrettably of a standard width....dang economic crisis.....

But in all seriousness I'm glad you've decided to join TCK and I'm sure you'll at the very least provide some levity and laughs to guild chat. As I told you earlier we're a very relaxed and casual bunch which seems to be just what you're looking for.

I'll be logging in shortly tonight and I'll send you an invite.

Welcome again to TCK Claude

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default Re: Okay...that was fun...what next?

Post by Game Nurse on Mon 13 Jul - 3:36

Heya Claude!!

Lovely to read your application!! You are just the kinda guy we love to have in the group!

Hope you stick around for a long time, and even though the game is a bit slow right now, it will hopefully pick up in the fall.

Hope to see you ingame!!!

By the way, if your paragon can live with the very sad underwear options and dance steps that they are equippemd with, I am sure mere diabetes will not keep him down!!! *smile*

Game Nurse

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default Re: Okay...that was fun...what next?

Post by TIll KIll on Mon 13 Jul - 21:57

well I guess if we have to have another up tight straight laced cardboard cut out he will do but I really getting tired of the people that have no flavor............... Tryten were do you keep finding them and why to you keep bring them home they are not all strays they have a home

no just kidding hey I like him he makes me laugh and as for the humour welcome to the sick and twisted side of the dark force......... we have cookies and if he gets a toaster I want mine Tryten!!!

Till Kill
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TIll KIll

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default Re: Okay...that was fun...what next?

Post by Claude Tuwshreads on Tue 14 Jul - 2:01

T.V. - 25 years, huh? Hmmm....well...only 24 years and 363 more days to go. (Thanks again for the invite.)

G.N. - Aw...shucks...thanx! Looks like I'll be sticking around for at least...oh...another 24 years and 363 more days. (And yeah, it was tuff to make a paragon after seeing those outfits they wear...however...the difference is....I make it look GOOD! LOL)

T.K. - Mmmm....cookies! (btw...Kansas, huh? I spent a few years there myself...Wildcats territory)
Claude Tuwshreads
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default Re: Okay...that was fun...what next?

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