Scavenger Hunt.

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default Scavenger Hunt.

Post by Lady Herodias on Fri 23 Jan - 2:04

Gunter did a spontaneous scavenger hunt this week with a few folks that were on and our team sucked, since we didnt win Mad and of course we were too slow. Anyways, I told him we should try it again. We started if off quite easy, and then Di, Animus and Andrew suggested that we go and get some Collector shield, making us collect items out from the Southern Shiverpeaks....wish I can remember what we had to kill. Anyway, it was quite fun. So...I thought maybe sometime next week we can do the same thing, keeping this in mind...think about some areas that most guildees can frequent so that if we pull another one together you can challenge us!

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default Re: Scavenger Hunt.

Post by Game Nurse on Fri 23 Jan - 2:32

Oh for sure!! And I was thnking that we should try to pull members in from the alliance to join us on teams, mix it up a bit maybe??

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