DI Not has left his new guild

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default DI Not has left his new guild

Post by Danny on Sat 8 Sep - 19:56

The Sinister Swarm on server sanctum of Rall. I just made lvl 80 on my first toon. The guild has regular events and is well organized. If I were to find a fault it would be that it is soooo big. Over 300 in GW2 and still recruiting. So come on in.

I will not be posting here in the future, so few visit the site. I am still using Di Not as my main player name. My two alts are Die Knot and Die Naught. Not original but funny. I look forward to hearing from you. I will post my email in the GW guild message if you want to contact me. Or if you are in touch with Ann or Gun they have it.

Beat of luck and hope to see you in game,

Di Not Smile

I lied I am still posting here. :/ Swarm didnt work out for me, still an excellent guild but I didnt sgree with their Vent policy of always being in vent when I was playing.....oh well. It was pessimistic of me to hope for a guild like this one was on the first try. So I am looking. I also changed servers to Kaineng...no wait times on WvW. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

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