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Post by Danny on Sat 12 May - 4:07

I finally got Legendary Survivor...I wont mention how many times Kilroy and myself became aquainted. Rolling Eyes

Since then I have slowed down on Gws, I need my Kurzick and Luxom titles but I am at lvl 6 on both and it is endless grinding....dont think i will make it.

I have also been playing Aion and Lineage 2 just as a change of pace. Aion is like Gw only a lot different. Lineage 2 is a lot different and I am now having to grind to advance lvls. I got to 45 pretty quick but now it is tough finding quests and I probably lack a full understanding of the game. For about a week everytime I left a town some guy with a bow would kill me. I dont know why or what hegot out of it, but I persisted and killed enough Lizard men to finish the quest.

Still waiting for the next beta event in GW2. I have read a lot of comments about what class does what. From what I can tell Ranger and Mesmer are a lot more powerful than GWs, but the comments on Necro's were interesting also. So I may try a necro next and if the Sylvarin race is open I will give that a go.

I hope to see more of you online.

As always,


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