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Post by Danny on Mon 30 Apr - 7:54

Very Happy
Ok, I liked it....a lot. I will still pop in and out of GWs after the official launch but GW2 will be my main focus.

Even without a guild it was pretty easy to find groups to battle with and everyone was rezzing without much prompting.

I made it to level 21 with my ele but had a blast Sunday night with a ranger and made it to lvl 14 or so before they took the servers down.

I did get to do some underwater stuff, but thats only Icing on the cake, the real adventure is following your personal story line and leveling.

Looks like it will be a blast. The graphics are awesome and the landscape varied. It will take a while before you have seen all of it and the beta was locked at just 2 cities.

Well it is 4am and time for me to get some sleep.

Hope to see you all in GW2!!!!!

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