Is it possible to complete Slaver's Exile with just heroes:

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default Is it possible to complete Slaver's Exile with just heroes:

Post by Danny on Mon 19 Mar - 3:13

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The answer is a resounding YES!!!! After only 8 ties and 4 sets of consets I finally did it (after I ran out of consets). Of course some sort of op removal is strongly advised. I actually spent mor time reading about haow to do it than doinf it, but all four dungeons took about 2.5 hours, i suspect I can improve on it but it is one dungeon I have no plans on revisiting. I fisished my Master of the North title and need to move on.

If you hadnt heard GW2 goes on pre-sale April 10. There will be a super delux ($150ish), a Delux ($70ish) and a reg $50ish version. With the Super delux and delux you get to play all the weekend betas and get in game items plus a 3 day headstart on the reg launch. I will get you the web site if you want but you can google like I did, either way. I hope most if not all of you show up for GW2.

See ya later tongue tongue tongue tongue

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