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Post by Danny on Fri 9 Mar - 4:10

I am the new Guild Leader. By default , but hey one takes what one can get. I spoke with Nursey a couple of days ago and that was a great thrill . She was vanqing away while I distracted her with my gab (sorry Nurse), but i got to thinking. I can now, and have frenquently, soloed every mission, quest, and vanq in every chapter. I am not bragging, I simply dont have a life. Smile But with GW2 coming soon some of you may want a few titles under your belt to get the special quirks that come with the HOM point. I am at 36 out of 50, and may make it to 40. But many of you are setting at 4 or 8 or just one title away from a major quirk (which happen every 5 points). I know this because I look up all your scores. Dont fuss at me, NcSoft mage it public, if you a players in game name you can look up their HOM score.

Anyway I would like to offer my services to all of you to assist you in completeing what ever title you need. I dont do monk or assasin, but my rit can tear up just about every thing. If you are a rit I do a pretty mean warrior or ele. I have a good set of heroes and have spent a lot of time researching their builds.

So there is the offer, if you are trying for survivor I recommend Kilroy, I do not want to risk you being killed. but other than that my motto has always been :If you arent dying you arent trying.

I am usually online 9pm to when ever but special arrangements can be made. The only time I am not available is 5 to 8pm est. Thay is my wifes time and not negotiable.

I hope to hear from yall



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