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default HOM Progression 36/50

Post by Danny on Fri 9 Mar - 3:47

Monument of Devotion (29):
My Collection
Common Miniatures (19)
Uncommon Miniatures (5)
Rare Miniatures (3)
Unique Miniatures (2)

Monument of Fellowship (2):
Unobtained Items (these will definitely be done)

•Margrid the Sly

Monument of Honor (25):

•Statues I Want To Get:

•Eternal Conqueror of Urgoz's Warren (probly wont happen)*
•Eternal Conqueror of the Deep(probly wont happen)*
•Eternal Treasure Hunter (probly wont happen)
•Eternal Conqueror of the Domain of Anguish (might happen, i have solo'd the first 2/3s so far)
•Eternal Survivor (I am very close to this)
•Eternal Master of the North (might happen)
*The two that probly wont happen require 12 men teams so unless there is a resurgence of interest in GW soon I doubt that I will try to PUG it.

Monument of Resilience:Juat need:


Monument of Valor (2):

•Destroyer Sword
•Oppressor Staff
weapons are too much money for too little pay off (imho)


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