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Post by Danny on Tue 25 Oct - 3:58

Of course it is a lot easier these days (Defender of Ascalon) but hey, it is another title. I am up to 35 points on the old HOM scale. I might make 40 but since I really suck at PVP and I cant find a replacement guild for youse guys I dont do a lot of the underworld or other elites so the ectos arent just flowing in. But I solo FOW (with my heroes) in a little less than 2 hrs now so if ANET keeps postponing GW2 i may someday get my Obsidian armor.

Seems now like when I come here i am talking to myself but I like to share my accomplishments with friend who can appreciate them and the guys o the bowling league just dont quite get it.... lol

Happy Halloween!!!

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