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Post by Danny on Sat 21 May - 3:01

I am taking one of my accounts out of the guild for a while...not that anyone will notice...hehehe. But I am bored with solo stuff and will see if I can hook up with an active guild...if such a thing exist. Iwill see how it works. I will log on with my other accounts to satisfy any rules we my have had to remain active. And I will check back here from time to time as GW2 nears because I always hope for a reunion of old friends when that happens. Til then I will amuse myself as I can with what I can...since I am easily pleased these days it dont take much. LOL

OH btw...I am proud to anounce that as of May 15 I am no longer as much a man as I used to be. One year of dieting and 62lbs of ugly fat is gone, unfortunately that still leaves a lot of ugly behind. Well you cant have everything. I still have 40 lbs to go to my goal but I see myself as being replaced as the family Santa this year. No more rolly polly Danny here. Laughing

See yall around.


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