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Post by Acolyte41 on Mon 19 Jul - 20:11

Well in short, things turned around very well for the first short little while, however as more and more old members stopped coming on, I stopped the flood of new recruits simply b/c I had no officers. In the next couple weeks i think im going to set one of my secondaries as leader and jet off. Whoever wants the leader positions should just send me an in game PM and ill take it off. Loved playing with you guys over the past year and a half. Its been a pleasure. Would love to see you in GW2. Not sure what im going to to do in the meanwhile. Idk if I'm going to even be playing guild wars anymore.

Not sure if this is even going to happen I might just ride our inactive wave into oblivion, we will see. But as of right now this is more than likely going to be my course of action.

Funky would be my first choice as "leader" but there isnt much to lead anymore.


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