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Post by Trytan on Fri 18 Jun - 20:03

Hiya everyone,

Not sure how many people still check here or are playing GW at all anymore but figured I'd check in quick. The new job is still going very well but that and all of the things that go hand in hand with nicer weather has been really taking up all of my time lately.

I also got a very nasty computer virus a few months back. Took me nearly a month to try and get rid of it and in the end I just ended up wiping my hard drive and restoring my computer to it's nearly 4 year old factory settings (took me nearly a week just to get all the software back up to date Sad

As a result of wiping my hard drive I also lost my installation of Guild Wars. I honestly haven't had the time or drive to bother digging through boxes to find the discs and reinstall everything....and I imagine downloading everything would take ages... Perhaps one of these days over the next while I'll muster up the ambition to do it but failing that I hope I'll see some of you again once GW 2 finally releases.

Hope all is well with everyone, take care Wink

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