Would Anyone Be interested in this???

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default Would Anyone Be interested in this???

Post by Acolyte41 on Wed 31 Mar - 4:01

Fissure of Woe Speed clears

Now before everyone flips a nut....

25 minute SC. Not even my personal best.

Anyways guys this place really isnt all that complicated. I taught myself how to do this and (not tooting my own horn or anything) I have become quite simply one of the best PuGging t1's around in a matter of a few weeks.

I would be more than happy to teach anyone any part of the FoWsc just ask!

Quick run down of how it works.

Two Terra Sins: Each split their own way covering some quests, killing wolves, etc. All by yourself NO ROOM FOR ERROR!!! If you die the entire team fails and you get black listed lol

Main Team:

This consists of an Edge of Extinction Utility ritualist (rt/r):

Used as a clean up and to help with spikes as well as individual res.

A MT or main tank:

Balls enemy foes, somewhat difficult to use. Must be an experienced perma sin.

Two 100 blade warriors:

All you do is wait for the signal and jump in with an attack chain that explodes everything.

A UA (Unyielding aura) monk:
Standard Monkey stuff with life blond for the MT and UA for res.

and finally a MoP (Mark of Pain) Necro:

Waits for signal for MT and casts MoP on the mob for the 100b to spike.

THATS IT! I would be more than willing to help anyone through any of these processes. Like I said it only took me a few dedicated weeks to learn and that was with no one telling me what to do! With a mentor we could throw an effective team together withing a week or two. Maybe train up a solid main team and not worry about Terra sins.

Idk guys tell me what you think!

~Acolyte of Sithis

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default Re: Would Anyone Be interested in this???

Post by Aeternalia on Tue 22 Jun - 20:53

Looks like fun. 25 miutes.. sheesh that would take us hours and hours the old way..

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