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default New House Rules Folks

Post by Acolyte41 on Sun 28 Mar - 22:39

Alrightay everyone so I had a little chat with Bleu and some other members of the alliance today. Turns out TCK is on the verge of being kicked, and I can't blame them really. They found out about our little inactivity problem >.>

So I kicked everyone past 1 month. Everyone no exceptions.

I placed a nice invite for each and everyone of them so if/when they do come back they will be instantly invited back in.

So recruiting starts as of now.

Flat 1k goes to every member who brings someone in. Straight out of my pocket into yours. We need people guys, simple as that. Even if they only stay for 2 minutes the money is still yours. Just PM in game or contact me here for your money.

If your gone longer than a month send me a message why so i can make the needed arrangements (of not kicking your ass Razz) I understand the goal of this guild is to relax and have fun but relaxing and having fun all day by myself is getting a bit old >.<

Also thank you for all our current active members/officers.

Your actions have been duly noted Smile

Well thats it! Any questions just contact me. If you think I've lost it and need to be usurped well TOO BAD!!! jk just lemme know whats on your mind guys.

~Acolyte Of Sithis

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default Re: New House Rules Folks

Post by Aeternalia on Tue 22 Jun - 20:57

A head with no body is also useless..


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