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Post by Trytan on Thu 11 Mar - 0:43

First off I'd like to announce that I have stepped down as leader of TCK. With my new job and all I just haven't had the time to log in and play on a regular enough basis lately. I have chosen to hand over the reigns to Acolyte. He has expressed the will and desire to try and rebuild TCK which is something I certainly don't have the time or drive to do at this stage. I'd like to thank all the officers and members of TCK for the great times I have had over the last year and a bit. I'm back to playing at least on a part time basis but logging in on a near daily basis is definitely a thing of the past for me.

We've also been having some discussions over the past few days among the officers and with the leader of the BS guild, Chuo Li. They left the DaP alliance for greener pastures a short while ago. While I haven't been around much at all the past couple months I've heard that the DaP alliance has gone very quiet, and there have been some problems with some of the newer guilds. We've decided to leave DaP at this time and will be moving to the ONE alliance which is where BS has taken roost now.

The rules of the ONE alliance are much the same as what we've been used to. The focus is on having fun, build discrimination and elitism won't be tolerated. The only difference is that there aren't the language restrictions in Alliance Chat. This doesn't mean that it's a free for all. There are lines that shouldn't be crossed and moderation is key but there may be discussions of a more mature nature that pop up from time to time and no one will freak out if a naughty word pops up here and there. That being said I'd prefer it if TCK maintains our language policy since it is the policy that everyone joined up with. We'll see how things go in this regard, the alliance is supposed to be a very laid back, mature bunch so I doubt there will be any problems. But if there are anyone can feel free to contact myself, Acolyte or any other officer with their concerns and we'll address them.

We've also made the decision to trim the roster down again. It's difficult to get new recruits to stay very long when over half of the names in the roster haven't been on in 4+ months.

Anyhoo I'd just like to thank Acolyte for taking on the leadership responsibilities and I wish you all the best of luck in trying to get things hopping around here again.

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