Coming back this weekend!!!!

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default Coming back this weekend!!!!

Post by Acolyte41 on Mon 1 Feb - 21:20

Well my time with the precious xbox ive borrowed for the past month is coming to a close. Giving it back this Friday at roughly 18:00 EST. Ill be back on around 20:00 EST (I expect lots of balloons) Which means ill be back to Guild Wars 24/7 Very Happy ive missed you guys and hope to jump right back in the action! Also look forward to playing with you Dan! Didnt really get a chance yet. Cant wait to see ll the new smiling faces that i KNOW you people recruited while i was gone... right? hehe ok well either way cya soon!!!

~Acolyte of Sithis

PS: On another note ive thrown my back out again (Yes im 17 with a 70 year olds back haha) And bulged disks take time to heal which means i get to sit on the ol reclining comfy throne in front of my computer being waited on hand and foot so you will be seeing alot of me in the next couple of weeks Very Happy

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default Re: Coming back this weekend!!!!

Post by Trytan on Fri 5 Feb - 16:21

Sorry to hear that your back is giving you problems again Sad

But good to hear that you will be back again! Admittedly I've been spending some time with my Xbox over the past month as well. Got a few new games at Xmas and it's just been easier to turn it on and play there whenever I get a few spare minutes. But it just doesn't compare to the good ole' PC and trusty Guild Wars. I'm also going to be back on a semi-regular basis this weekend. What timing! Very Happy

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