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Post by Danny on Sun 13 Dec - 19:05

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This is me completing FOW with only heroes. It took me almost 4 hours but I think I could improve on that because I never had led a Fow mission and didn't pay close enough attention to what Gunter was telling us to do. I will confess that I fudged a bit by using my second account to employ 6 heroes. I went with 2 Sabway teams and my Rit using a spirit spammer build.

The only touchy spot was the Wailing Lord. I had to pin down my heroes way off to avoid any chance of the minions or my spirits killing the wailing lord. Livia died twice and I died once, but that ain't too shabby [imho] Cool

I picked up 7 shards and several golds but the golds were merchant fodder. I wish I had kept track of what I earned. I initially just went in to do the Z Bounty, but thought "hey, while I am here???" Four hours later I finished.

Sorry if it seems like I am bragging....cause I am. cheers lol

I still miss the old bunch...Merry Christmas guys!

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default Re: FOW with heroes only

Post by Game Nurse on Sun 13 Dec - 20:52

Way to go there Dan! You are becoming quite the formidable player. I could never hope to keep up with you now!

lol we have some good memories there hey? I will NEVER ever let Gunter forget the Griffon Episode....


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