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Post by Game Nurse on Tue 20 Oct - 17:38

If anyone decided to try Aion, I have found a really fun guild on the Yustiel server, Elyos faction. Really fun bunch of guys, mix of hardcore and casual.

Are they as fun as you all??? of Course Not! And I am afraid I do not spend as much time gaming as I would like, but I think you all would enjoy that guild, errrr legion.

At any rate, HERE is looking forward to GW2! And I hope hope hope hope that we will all meet up there once again. If only to see how many ways Dan can die and I can get aggro and to hear Gunter swearing at poor Ann again *smile*

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default Dan not die as much anymore [GRIN]

Post by Danny on Mon 2 Nov - 22:06

Hey, I just managed my second survivor title with a paragon! Of course I will never make the next level of survivor , but hey, it is better than I was!!

LOL Cool

I will be there in GW2!

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