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default What I have been up too.

Post by Stryder of Argonoth on Tue 20 Oct - 17:09

Well I know I have pretty much fallen off the face of the earth lately. But as I thought I would have more time this fall. It seems things only got even more busy for me. My Oldest is playing soccer again this fall. And I went back to school my self. I pop on the forums as much as I can to try to catch up and i even log in game every now and then. But as for gaming I made the ultimate sin again. And picked up WoW. But even wow is loosing its flair for me since I have done all the endgame content once again. I am anticipating the release of GW2. But have even thought about playing Aion. We'll see what the future holds as Tania will be finished with soccer soon only a few more games left.
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default Re: What I have been up too.

Post by Trytan on Wed 21 Oct - 3:26

Great to hear from you Stryder it's been a while!

I see you've logged in still on a near weekly basis but it seems like it been months since I've run into you. Last I talked to you was in the summer and you were doing physio after the accident. I'm guessing the leg is all healed up and better now?

I hear you on the lack of time too. I lost my job about a month ago (stupid economy.... Mad ) you'd think I'd have more spare time. My wifes endless to-do list and a very busy 17 month old daughter have really been eating into my spare time as of late, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. Very Happy (spending all the extra time with the little one that is....to-do list.....not so much. Neutral )

Anyhoo take care bro!.....and foreshame on the WoWcrack....foreshame Rolling Eyes Laughing

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