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Post by Hadouken on Tue 20 Oct - 10:41

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Sabway is a team build named after the author, Sab, who ported a very successful Heroes' Ascent build to high-end PvE.

Sabway uses three necromancer heroes primarily to abuse Soul Reaping, even though the three builds are quite different. One hero uses Spiteful Spirit along with other curses to damage and shut down enemies. Another uses Jagged Bones and Animate Bone Minions to create a wall of minions, which he can enchant with Death Nova for massive minion bomb damage. The third hero is primarily a healer, with restoration magic like Weapon of Remedy and Mend Body and Soul.

Each necromancer also carries utility from his secondary profession - most either have Aegis and Extinguish or party heals like Protective Was Kaolai and Life. Each necromancer also has Signet of Lost Souls, which the hero AI uses flawlessly to maintain high energy.

Sabway is popular because it excels in many areas, including Hard Mode and most Missions.


* Very easy to use, requires little to no active hero controlling
* Powerful energy management
* Fast casting and recharging condition removal
* Usually stable defense via the use of a minion master
* Marginal damage decrease in hardmode
* Not much affected by enchantment removal


* Soul Reaping proves less useful in fights against single and durable foes
* Usually little to no hex removal
* It has low healing when compared to powerful conditional healing spells and, in the case of Healer's Boon, slower healing
* Relying on a minion master makes it much less viable in areas with little to no corpses
* No ability to spike foes
* Considerably affected by opposing hex removal

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