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Post by Hadouken on Tue 20 Oct - 10:11

I've been meaning to add some more links to this forum, but I didn't want to create a huge, unorganized list of stickies for everyone to wade through. So, all the guides are moving to this post instead.

If anyone spots a thread that should be here (even if it's from another forum), just reply in this thread and I'll add it to this post at the top Wink

Other Sites
Guild Wars Guru Forums
PvXwiki - Character Builds Wiki
Unofficial Guild Wars Wiki

Character and Team Builds
Discord Team Build
Franc's Guide to Successful, Supportive Monking in PvE
Minion Master Handbook
Racthoh's Paragon Team (Racway)
Sabway Team Build
Scion's Profession Guide
Shadow Form Assassin Guide
Zaishen Elite Farming Team

Gameplay Guides
Guide to Playing Polymock
Legendary Defender of Ascalon
Menagerie Pet Leveling Guide

Everything Else
Xunlai Tournament Prediction Guide

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Post by Trytan on Wed 21 Oct - 3:32

Awesome idea Xanthos, thanks!

This section of the forum looks a lot better now and it will certainly make things easier to find here.

The only other site I can think of to add maybe would be which is a very old-school, bare bones site which lists all of the elite skills in the game and provides the bosses and maps for capping them. Although the list on the Guild Wars Wikia is probably a bit easier to use.

If I can think of any more I'll post them.

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