What sort of gamer am I?

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default What sort of gamer am I?

Post by Claude Tuwshreads on Thu 24 Sep - 22:30

So...for reasons I really can't explain...I took this quiz on facebook and found the results to be strangely entertaining....check out my results:

"What Type of Gamer are You??" and got the result: Jokester Gamer!

Not exactly what you would call a "serious" gamer. everything's pretty much a joke to you, but hey, you have fun, right? while you enjoy a good rumble, you're initial interest seems to be how funny you can make the situation. often, this causes you to defeat your opponents in the most comically humiliating way possible. you generally do whatever you feel like with aimless glee in multi-player and don't really have a particular pattern or style. in cooperative play you can be both a burden and a fun addiction to the mix. While it can be hard to get you to focus on a serious battle plan, your comic-relief antics ensure that your allies get a good laugh now and then. newbies can come to dread you, as they likely end up the butt of one or more of your jokes or pranks.

(FYI - I would never prank a newbie...)

Today's subliminal message is:
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default Re: What sort of gamer am I?

Post by Acolyte41 on Fri 25 Sep - 16:39

LMAO i do that so much its not funny. But generally I dont take it too far cause it gets people so pissed and really I hate losing. But christ do i mess around lmao

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