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Post by Hadouken on Sun 6 Sep - 4:40

heya all,

So.... I kinda disappeared off the face of the earth for several months.

It was partly due to declining interest in the game, and partly due to insane amounts of studying as I get closer to finishing my degree (then there was this brief stint in WoW that my friend lured me into...) But a couple nights ago, I guess I got nostalgic about the good 'ol GW days, and here I am again. I've been logging back into GW for the past couple nights and have seen a lot of new faces Smile

So, if anyone I haven't met before sees me online (or even if I've known you for ages), feel free to give me a shout. I'll be dragging my new rit through all the chapters (yes i made a second rit... i have issues) and would love some company or a break from grinding through missions Wink

EDIT: Wow, even for me that's a lot of typos (sorry, eyes are still a bit fuzzy after lazik).

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Post by Game Nurse on Sun 6 Sep - 8:55


OMGosh I have missed you!!!!!

Wow. SO happy to see you! The forums look great!!!

I guess I shall have to log on now and play with you. Wait. Just a minute.

Did you say you are making a New Rit???

What about my all time God-of-all-that-is-Good-Looking in a man.... the Green Grasshopper???????


Please, PLEASE tell me he is still alive and well???

And if he isn't...Can I have your dragon??

Game Nurse

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Post by HeavyMetalHead on Sun 6 Sep - 18:37

The Factions master has returned?'s a surprise that you're back, man. We'd been wondering what hole in the ground you had crawled into for a while. Partially knew it was college work, but a WoW stint?

I would say "Shame on you" for it, but I did the same thing. Helped me from going insane for a while. May bounce between GW and WoW until my account becomes inactive (oh the wonder of pre-paid time cards). Anyways, good to know you're back, and we'll be sure to bug you whenever we see ya.

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default Re: Coming back

Post by Trytan on Sun 6 Sep - 20:37

Welcome back Xanthos! I suppose I'm one of those new faces, remember seeing you around a bit when I first joined TCK. Look forward to seeing you in game and getting a chance to play with you.

BTW awesome job with the forum man, it was in serious need of some cleaining up. I really like the new design.

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default Re: Coming back

Post by Pampered One on Tue 8 Sep - 17:31

Welcome back Abe. I too like the new style. I have one request; not that I'm really in a position to insist; I know the portal became obsolete but is there a way to get the scrolling bar of the most recent posts back?

Guess I better get a little more active again seeing as how some of you are coming back. I will have to curb my Lineage 1 stuff a bit I guess. I am GM'ing on one server and gunning for top Knight on another(rank 8 out of 140 atm)


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default Re: Coming back

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