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Post by Godzuki on Tue 21 Jul - 4:38

A project that's a few years old but I've only come across recently. This would have come in handy back when I played heavily, and I am posting a link for anyone who finds this of interest. Below I'll copy and paste the information found on the page (link to page, downloads at bottom):

(edit: Apparantly the original hosting site is temporarily down. Alternate downloads can be found here.)

Aylee Sedai wrote:MappingOut v.4.0.0

Ever wanted to know which Elite Skill Salani Pippip in Witman's folly was using to poison you? Which Green weapon the Acolyte of Balthazar was wielding as he cut through your party of hero's and your beloved Flamingo? And who will take the Putrid Cysts off your hands before they start to smell? Well the answer to all these questions, and more can be found in MappingOut, a tool designed by a Guild Wars player for Guild Wars players, for identifiying elite skill locations, green "unique" weapons, collectors and much much more.

Special Features
- MappingOut doesn't need Guild Wars to be launched to be run
- Your account settings are of no interest to MappingOut
- Mapping is completely free
- Low memory usage (about 15mb), allowing MappingOut to run alongside Guild Wars on low specification pc's without a problem
- MappingOut can check for updates on selected servers, and auto update itself
- Mappingout now tracks Elite Skills, Collectors, Green Items, Elona Treasures and Personal Notes
- Colour co-ordinated tabs, which correspond to the items on the map
- An "Always on Top" feature
- 3 different styles for popup windows for Elite Skills, Collectors, Green "unique" Items, Elona Treasures and Personal Notes
- Detailed legend showing all the Elite Skill colours and all other information shown on the maps.
- Quick Map selection using the Right Click on a free part of the map, and jump to a new map

Elite skills section
- List of all the elite skills, their descriptions, information and image
- Auto jump to selected elite's skill location on the map, along with a flashing marker to easily identify the elite's location
- Localization of elite skills on Tyria, Cantha and Elona maps
- All details for each elite skill, including: Name, Profession, Attribute, Image, Cast time, Recharge time, Maintenance, Energy, Adrenaline cost, Bosses owning the elite itself and notes about the bosses, including conditional spawn etc
- All Elite Skills, colour co-ordinated by profession, with markers on the map to easily identify each elite skill
- Tracker of all your characters, with details on which elites you have captured, and which ones you still need to look for
- Quick search for elite skills with lots of filters, including a list of all elites not captured by selected characters, or any of your characters

Collectors section
- List of both Armour and General collectors
- Quick search for collectors with multiple filters including weapon type, collector request
- Highlighting of collector items, based upon weapon type filter
- Auto jump to selected collector's location on the map, along with a flashing collector marker to easily identify the location
- Collector name, material requested and quantity
- List of all items held by collectors, with their statistics
- Collector's marked on the map to quickly and easily locate them

Green "unique" weapons section
- List of unique green items
- All the weapon details, Name, Statistics and the Bosses who drop them
- Auto jump to selected bosses location on the map, along with a flashing marker to easily identify the location of the boss holding the weapon
- Markers on the map, showing the Bosses holding the green weapons
- Multiple filters, to quickly find a desired green weapon

Elonian treasures section
- List of all 12 elonian treasures
- Tracker for all your characters, allowing you to flag which treasures you have opened, and which ones you have not.
- Auto jump to selected treasure location on the map, along with a flashing marker to easily identify the location of the treasure

Personal notes section
- List of all personal notes added by the user
- A short description and a detailed description for each note
- Markers on map, showing where each note can be found
- Auto jump to selected the personal note location on the map, along with a flashing marker to easily identify the location of the note
- Two filters: one on the short note description and another one on the full note description

Just a few hints
- I suggest adding your own characters for first, by clicking the "Characters" button, at the right-bottom of the menu window.
- Left click on the map and hold on, to move the map
- hold mouse on a object marker or right click on it (depending of which method you chose in the option schedule), to show object informations
- double click on the map to create a new note
- double click on a elite skill token, to open a window in which you can easily mark that elite as captured by one of your character
- double click on a elonian treasure to chose with which characters you already opened it
- double click on a note to edit or delete it
- right click on a free map zone, to quickly select campaign/region

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Post by Trytan on Wed 22 Jul - 2:43

Sounds like a nice little tool here, great find Franc!

I'll have to give this a try sometime. I'm just using Xfire's ingame browser right now along with the Wiki for reference purposes but wiki is fairly cumbersome for some things and a lot of the maps are small and hard to read. This sounds like it's definitely worth a look.

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