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default vanquishing always looking for players

Post by TIll KIll on Mon 13 Jul - 22:18

yes it's true I have done it I have become one of them the lowest of low; scum of GW's. I tried going cold turkey the 12 step plan even checked into the Betty Ford but there is no hope for me now I have become a title hound .......... There I said it are you all happy

No as normal I looking for anyone any area anytime I'm on to go vanquishing areas just started working on that title so if you catch me on (not like I have been a lot here the last 2 months) speak up and let me know I'll always welcome the help

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default Re: vanquishing always looking for players

Post by Claude Tuwshreads on Tue 14 Jul - 3:58

Well...the only two areas I've EVER had any luck with vanquishing is...the area right outside of Shing Jea Monastery...and the area right outside of Kamadan. So...on the extremely off chance you need help with either (or both) of those...I could help you with that.

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