For those still having trouble getting extra storage

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default For those still having trouble getting extra storage

Post by TIll KIll on Thu 4 Jun - 5:12

well not sure how many may still need this but I ended up getting mad after the 20th worthless email I got back from ncsoft and fired off a nasty email asking them how long they were going to sit on their butts well last email had a phone number for me to call them on so was going to pass that along for anyone that needs help 512-225-6359 hope that it helps someone know that I was getting tired of hearing how important I was but still wasn't getting the help I wanted talked to a kid for about 10 mins and found out that I have never played Guild wars (if you have see how bad I play you would think so ) for what ever resion my acc has never been actvated oh well working now and fix so I'm all happy again

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