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default Lost can't find your way home ????

Post by TIll KIll on Wed 27 May - 16:46

Well found this late last night and to tell you the truth I think its worth looking at for those of us that haven't been playing for years now. I'm not sure about the rest of you but I have not learn all of the missions skills heros ect yet about 1/2 the time when someone ask for help with mission "xyz" I'll have to look it up to see if I have it done and can help out; or like right now I'm trying to knock out the last few missions in Prophecies that I've skipped for God only knows why now. But anyway found where someone made a spread sheet in Excel that has a list of the missions skills (all classes) heros and pets listed so you just have to have excel and down load it open it up and check off all the ones you have and save it as xxxxx (for me my toons name) and when you need to know what you have left to work on you've got a list may have some of the older player check it just to make sure but as best I can tell it's a fairly good list of the missions. The lay out is easy to read the color coding didn't hurt either. So guess it's a player by player deal if you need the extra help keeping track of what you have left then maybe it will help.


PS need to let you know that the mission
Augury Rock is not listed so you will have to add that to the list and as for skills will up date everyone here as I find what I can that needed to be added

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