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default Death Leveling an intended pet

Post by Stryder of Argonoth on Mon 13 Apr - 23:54

****CAUTION Do not do this if your a survivor character****

The Last few weeks the discussion of death leveling a pet has came up. And people have asked how to go about it, and why do it. Well for 2 reasons really. 1 reason is to have a lvl 20 pet with out having to Kill a bunch of mobs to level the pet. The other reason is To be able to have a dire pet.

~~Ways to go about death Leveling your Intended Pet~~

Is there a right and wrong way to do this. the answer is simply put NO. Its all personal preference.
The idea is generally all the same. but the means to achieve this may be done in so many different ways.
But the General Idea is to have a monk hero or x/monk hero secondary with you. Also one note some Rez shrines are good for death leveling as well. as it will achieve the same effect the monk or x/monk hero will do but will take some kiting of the pet to get there.

So most players will generally take a hero or x/monk hero with them.

Now before you start leveling your intended pet you want to make sure the area is clear. so its not a bad idea to ask for help from a friend or guildie to clear the area. That way they can map out after the area is clear. You can also take a full part or H/H (hero's and Henchies) to clear the area and. pin all back but your monk or x/monk after it is clear. I know that It may seem silly but to Point this out but believe me sometimes we get to far ahead of our selves to realize OOPS I FORGOT TO CLEAR THE AREA. It happens.

Now I recently Death Leveled 2 Animals to test about how long it takes to get them dire. and to Level 20.
Most pets you want to tame are lvl 5. So on average from Level's 5 to 15 is generally where your pet will be dire. And that can take up to an hour depending on how you go about DL'ing the intended pet.

~~The Setup~~~

Your Skills - Charm Animal

Monk or x/monk hero Skills - Rebirth or resurrect, Healing Breeze (Maybe). (like I said personal preference)

Now for the fun part You want to make sure you have all HP adding items removed. on your character.
your going to want to pin your Monk, or x/monk hero back out of aggro range, but still in ranger to cast the rez. Hit Charm Animal and break the skill. The Animal has your full attention from when you cast the cap skill till your dead. Now what I recently have done with my monk or x/monk is I made a Rezmer (Mesmer/monk) Maxed Fast casting, and Protection. And stuck the rest of the points in healing for a Heal overtime (HoT). Canceled the rezmers skills but the rez until i was ready to cap the pet. I noticed that the resmer in this process was faster at rezing me that a monk hero would have been because of the fast casting the Mesmer has. Not to mention it made the Resmer pretty much invisible to the intended pet. I watched for a minute to make sure all would go well. then went afk. I checked on the intended pet's level every so often not only to see if my Rezmer was doing her job. but to make sure I didn't get disconnected from the server. All in all this took possible 1 to 2 hours to level the intended pet to 20.

One side note you will not see if the pet you are leveling is dire until you start capping him again.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and found it informative.


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