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Post by Aeternalia on Tue 17 Mar - 20:44

I will be making a very rare in game appearance this Friday for the purpose of recruiting in or around the city of Ascalon in Pre-Sear.

After recruiting for a little while, I will be vanquishing a zone.

Any and all that would like to accompany me are welcome to come, as long as they bring the heart of a Cherubim with them...


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default Re: recruiting / vanquish - aeternalia

Post by Lady Herodias on Fri 20 Mar - 23:52

Hi James,

It would be nice to see you again! Since you will be in pre-sear tonight...would you like me to move you back to officer! You still are you know in our eyes...just that we moved you down since we werent sure how often you would be getting on. Might have to do that with a couple of more officers soon.


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