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Post by Godzuki on Wed 28 Jan - 7:49

Well this very long overdue.

1. Your In-Game Names and classes and what made you choose these names:
Many of my characters have Latin-based names. Obviously, I'm terrible at Latin so the names are probably translated incorrectly. What little I learned of Latin while I was in middle school is all gone by now.
Mo20 Curatio Animus - This is my main character. His name roughly means "Spirit Healer".
Rt20 Imperium Animus - Same as above, but I have forgotten what his name was supposed to mean. The "Animus" part has to do with "Spirit". Whatever "Imperium" means is beyond me now.
W20 Tutaminis Terrenus - Like my Ritualist, I have forgotten what his name was really supposed to mean. It was somewhere along the lines of "Earthly Strength".
D20 Dolor Per Amotio - His name translates to "Power from Removal" based off of the Dervish's main attribute. He was fun to play but I need to stick my Monk's spare armor somewhere so for now he's just an armor/material storage. He occasionally does some running if anyone needs it. As of now I'm still trying to get his Drok's running build to work.
Me20 Pallium Veneficus - His name means something along the lines of "Stolen Magic". I still play him occasionally but have been focusing on some other things lately (like armor or my Monk's titles).
E20 Lemon Urson - This is not originally my character. When Chad (Lemon Onionking) wanted to try out the game, I let him create a character. This is technically his character but he now has his own account. I have kept him for old time's sake and because he is technically my oldest character. I created my Monk around the time he created his Elementalist on his own account.
N20 The Freudian Slip - For a while I was meaning to make a Necromancer. I was too lazy to figure out another Latin name for him and I think I was going for Legendary Skill Hunter on my Monk at the time so I put him on hold. One day the name just popped into my head. I thought it was funny and decided to make him under that name before I forgot. I was always a fan of Sigmund Freud just because I always thought he was his own brand of crazy.
P10 Sono Renovatio - This is my new Paragon. Actually, I had a Paragon by this name a few months ago but constant nerfs to useful Paragon skills eventually annoyed me enough to delete him. Now that there is (finally) a separate balance between PvE and PvP skills, I decided to start him up again. He replaced my Ranger who I got sort of bored with. He has absorbed a lot of my GW time in the past few days while I try (very slowly) to get him Obsidian Armor.
X20 PvP Slot - I have one character slot reserved for a PvP character. I constantly delete/remake this character depending on what I want to bring to PvP. Right now, it's a Monk waiting for the Hero Tournament. The name will usually be an obscure reference to an obscure song, or something to do with breakfast (I love my waffles).

2. Chapters of Guild Wars that you own and how long you have played them:
I own all three Guild Wars chapters, the Eye of the North expansion, and the Bonus Mission Pack. I have played the game for a little over a year. I started out with Prophecies and got Nightfall and Eye of the North together after a month or two of playing. After another month or two, I got Factions.

3. What is your real life age, first name, and gender?
My name is Francisco, but most people just refer to me as Franc. I don't really mind either way or even if you'd like to call me by one of my character names (some people refer to me as Animus). The one name I absolutely hate being called by is Francis. I am a 16 year-old male currently in my junior year of High School.

4. Location in the real world:
Right now, I live in San Diego, California. Yeah, yeah, it's beautiful and everything but you get really bored of it after a while. The lack of snow in Winter which is replaced with constant forest fires in Summer is what I hate the most. The lowest temperature we get here during Winter is probably around 40-50 degrees. I'm not a big fan of the beach, either, but the ones here are pretty nice. I'd love to move somewhere else, though (I've always liked Canada).

5. Times and days you play:
I will usually be on after I finish my schoolwork for that day, which is around 4:00-5:00 p.m. PST. I stay up pretty late sometimes.

6. Do you have Ventrilo?
I do have Ventrilo but as some of you may know, I have a terrible sound card. I even have to play GW under "-mute". I will try to either fix whatever problem I have or just get a new sound card at some point and hopefully be able to get on Ventrilo so I actually know what's going on when the guild gets together to do something.

7. What do you expect from the guild, and try to elaborate about your needs:
All I really want from a guild is a nice, friendly, family-oriented environment. I'm not a big fan of elitism or making people feel bad because they don't know how to do something. TCK has been a great guild for this reason. Everyone's friendly and knows each other and the officers know what they're doing. I really enjoy helping others out or playing in guild groups (partying with heroes and henchmen all the time gets tiresome and pretty quiet).

8. In couple of sentences introduce yourself?
I spend a very very large amount of my time listening to music. I'd like to eventually learn how to play an instrument one day (banjos are cool). Genre isn't an important thing to me. I never liked having to label music. I think music is just music and it is just done different by different people. My favorite bands are Modest Mouse and The Smashing Pumpkins (Pre-Zeitgeist "Reunion" which wasn't even a reunion. If anyone else listens to them, I think you know why), but I listen to a lot of different things. I also used to spend a lot of my free time learning graphics, web design, and sometimes coding. Nowadays, I've lost some focus because of some software problems but it is still one of my hobbies. I'm a big fan of anything art-related.

9. What do you like to do in the game, what do you think you can contribute to our guild, and what would you like to accomplish in the game?
I like going after accomplishments, even ones that aren't marked in-game. Sometimes I might be working on a title, other times I might be trying to finish a dungeon or trying to see how fast I can accumulate deaths. I spend a lot of time on customization (armor, weapons, dyes, etc.). Creating a new character is almost like a ritual for me trying to figure out what armor would go with which character. There's a lot of things to do in the game so I've been trying to do a little of everything. Like I said above, I really enjoy helping people out. I think I can contribute to the guild this way by providing assistance when I can. I've pretty much memorized certain parts of the Wiki so I can usually answer the basic and some not-so-basic questions. Eventually, I'd like to get the "God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals" title but that is a very very long time from now.

10. Tell us how you found out about us:
After my last guild disbanded due to the Guild Leader having to take care of some family issues and dropping out of the game, I went around guildless for a while. This got a little annoying, though, while I was trying to look for a guild since I would constantly get random (and sometimes never-ending) invitations from guilds that I knew nothing about. For a while, I made my own guild where me and Chad were the only members to avoid this. I even bought a Guild Hall and the Xunlai Agent and Merchant NPC's. Later on, I found a posting for this guild on Guild Wars Guru. After reading up on it, I decided to give one of the listed officers a whisper (I don't remember if it was Gunter or Ann, but I think it was one of them) who asked me a few questions and then gave me an invite shortly after.

11. Any other information about yourself or your GW experiences you feel we should know or that you want to share.
I am lactose-intolerant. I always forget. If I ever say I am about to consume any sort of dairy-product, please stop me or I am going to regret it for hours.

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Post by Jebus on Wed 28 Jan - 17:56

Who's this guy? Never seen him before in my life Smile

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Post by Game Nurse on Wed 28 Jan - 18:06

Doesn't ring a bell *grin*

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Post by Pampered One on Wed 28 Jan - 22:48

I used to have an officer by that name but I think he died or something. Too much Ice cream I think.


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Post by Lady Herodias on Thu 29 Jan - 2:32

I think he hides behind a Hippo. I am waiting for the Rhinoceros, the TRex, or the Aardvark to appear....maybe there are Latin words for them.

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default Re: Curatio Animus Application

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