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default This weekend a request...

Post by Game Nurse on Thu 15 Jan - 10:44

So it is double points this weekend for Nightfall, and I have yet to finish the game even still. Once I do, then my ele, Game Nurse will have done all the campaigns.


Of course I cannot take the least amount of credit, I have been carried through it all on the backs of many of you kind souls, and I see no reason to discontinue that proud tradition *grin*

Soooo... I was wondering if we could have a NightFall weekend? Maybe Friday night and Sat night with whomever is on and start wherever the furthest person needs to start and go from there???

So that gives you one day (Thursday) to get your toon up to speed as much as you can...

Hope to see many of you there!! Game is no lightweight and needs lots of porters through this final chapter *smile*

Oh yeah, we need a tentative start time...How about 6pm -ish Left Coast Time???

(Game Nurse)
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default Re: This weekend a request...

Post by HeavyMetalHead on Thu 15 Jan - 13:33

You'll love me, then. I have a level 6 paragon who hasn't done mission 2 yet. I've either been too lazy or working on something else.

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default Re: This weekend a request...

Post by Jebus on Thu 15 Jan - 17:47

I maybe able to help out, depending on where you all are starting. I just can't go into Vabbi, or anything past it.

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default Re: This weekend a request...

Post by Pampered One on Fri 16 Jan - 17:32

Nurse has hit most of my focus from when her and I discussed this. I don't envision just trying to finish off NF for those people nearing completion, but also grouping with those considerably lower in the chapter BUT also, the main focus being, to get people to load up on double rep points over the weekend.

So it is entirely possible we may have 2 or 3 small groups going at a time. For myself, Pampered just needs the points for both Lightbringer and Sunspear(HM only now), but I also have a NF toon on the island and several other toons somewhere in between.

So our approach should be....If you want to move through the story give a shout out where u are and if anyone is near there. Hopefully others will join you.

If you just want points, respond and join when you see a group that is gathering to do an area where you can still gather points.
Also, for those of you moving through the story, be considerate enough of those in your group looking for points to go out of the way and kill extra mobs for the rep and not just blow through to the next point in the story.

This way we can kill 2 or 3 or a whole flock of birds in one shot. (God Bless the shotgun)

*Addition* Jebus...I can not think of anyone more perfect to put in charge of the sub Vabbi area. Feel free to grab up anyone in those areas and help them move through and nab points. Having someone as high and proficient as yourself along could really help make it easier and give the party the ability to do mass destruction for more point accumulation.


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default Re: This weekend a request...

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