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Post by Pampered One on Fri 2 Jan - 16:39

This is a guide and path to follow for a generic balanced group to complete the Fissure of Woe.

If anyone is better at map editing or thinks they see a even more efficient route, feel free to repost. I hope this was helpful to you. I recommend copying it to your computer for better viewing since our forum seems to cut off the sides of it and blur it out somewhat.

Quest 1:Tower of Courage from Rastigan the Eternal
Goal: Clear 4 Patrols of shadow Rangers/Abyssal around Tower of Courage
Warning:Kill Patrols East & South last. They trigger Rastigan to move
DANGER: Do not talk to Rastigan prior to clearing area in red and Patrols.

Quest 2:The Wailing Lord from Rastigan the Eternal
Goal: Destroy the 5 Forest Banshees
Warning: Worm popups and Spider drop downs
DANGER: Do not harm the Wailing Lord: AOE, Barrage, Spirits, and minions keep away

Quest 3: A Gift of Griffons from the Wailing Lord
Goal: Escort the Griffons back to Rastigan
Warning:Going near the Griffons will activate them to move
DANGER: Clear the path to Rastigan first. New groups appear after Wailing Lord quest.

Quest 4: The Eternal Forgemaster from Eternal Weaponsmith
Goal: Destroy theShadow Army outside and In the Temple of War
Warning: Clear the outer circle of the Temple first to avoid overrun
DANGER: 4 pairs of Shadow Ranger have Barrage. Use AoE and stay below LoS

Quest 5: Defend the Temple of War from Eternal Forgemaster
Goal: Destroy the 12 groups of Shadow Army Invaders
Warning: Do not get impatient and leave theAltar. Stay Together
Danger: Groups reaching the top may engage and kill the Forgemaster. Heal Him

Quest 6: Restore the Temple of War from The Eternal Forgemaster
Goal: Destroy the 5 Seeds of Corruption
Warning: In the cave, groups of spiders drop behind the party. Go SLowly
DANGER: Destroy the groups at the South Entrance of Temple IMMEDIATLY Upon
accepting this quest. They will kill newly spawned NPC's.

Quest 7: Khobay the Betrayer from Eternal Forgemaster
Goal: Kill Khobay the Betrayor
Warning:Wurms fire Siege attacks. Use cover
DANGER: Draw the Guards near Khobay down the path to avoid Siege Wurm.

Quest 8: Tower of Strength from Eternal Lord Taeres in Temple of War
Goal: Destroy the 5 Shadow Patrols
Warning: Siege Wurms in this area and roving patrols. go slow
DANGER: Don't rush the Wurm. Abyssals will wipe your group. Use the Ledge and blocking

Quest 9: Army of Darkness from Kromril the Eternal
Goal: Destroy the Priest of Menzies and deliver the unholy text
Warning:Clear the Dragon Lich's prior to accepting the quest
DANGER:Kill all popups around Kromril before progressing to the encampment

Quest 10: Slaves of Menzies from Miko the Unchained
Goal: Destroy the 4 Shadow Overlord Groups
Warning: Many fast groups of hydras/smoke walkers exist. Pull carefully
DANGER: Clear thoroughly around Miko including one group far to the south

Quest 11: The Hunt from Nimros the Hunter
Goal: Kill 7 Shard Wolves around the Fissure
Warning: Poor pulling will bring 4 monks with 2 groups onto your party
DANGER: Do not talk to Nimros without clearing ALL mobs near him

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