AB Team - RoJ Nukers (Smite!)

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default AB Team - RoJ Nukers (Smite!)

Post by Rehwyn on Tue 16 Dec - 11:36

I'll probably format this later in a way similar to my other team posts, but for now I wanted to just share this build idea before heading to classes.

1x Support Ele
2x RoJ Nukers
1x WoH Healer
Blank skills are optional. I'll think of some good ideas later.

Note that Ray of Judgement was recently massively buffed. Here's the new affect: "Elite Spell. Deals 5...37...45 holy damage and inflicts burning(1...3...3 seconds) every second (5 seconds). Hits foes adjacent to target foes initial location." 10 energy, 2 sec cast, 20 sec recharge. Yes, the burning IS applied every second for five seconds, which results in 8 seconds of burning on top of the holy damage.

General idea is for monks to use RoJ at shrines, along with the Support Ele using GoE -> Dragon's Stomp/Earthquake (for knockdown and damage). Glyph of Swiftness helps make RoJ usable more frequently. Ele alternates between Fall Back and Godspeed while moving between shrines. For Godspeed, Smiters can use Reversal of Damage as their enchant and the WoH monk can use Prot Spirit on both himself and the ele.

Against humans (who will move from AoE), one monk casts Earthen Shackles on the most dangerous target while the other casts RoJ. Since RoJ causes burning, he'll move 90% slower and most likely take full damage. The other smiter can than use RoJ. The Ele can help as well with knockdowns (Dragon's Stomp/Earthquake), snares, or whatever optional spells were brought.

WoH Monk heals and prots stuff taking damage. Smiters support him when not RoJ nuking with their own support spells (which also happen to do wide AoE damage).

In respect to the other teams I've posted, this team has excellent survivability and great shrine-capping speed. It requires less coordination than the CwD Ritualists, but probably a bit more than the Bash and Burn team(s).

More discussion coming later.


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default Re: AB Team - RoJ Nukers (Smite!)

Post by Jebus on Sat 20 Dec - 0:33

We'll have to try this out sometime after the holidays. Looks interesting.

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