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Post by Admin on Sun 24 Feb - 7:12

If you're interested in joining The Cherubim Knights or The Heroes of Zakura, please follow the application format as listed below. Simply cut and paste the application as a new post in the "Recruitment" section and be thorough and informative. Please fill out this application within the first 48 hours of admittance to the Guild as a probationary member. If you and we turn out to be a fit for each other after the 2 week introduction period, you will then be offered a permanent invite to the Guild.

The Cherubim Knights is a sister guild of The Seraphim Knights, and member of a 7 guild Alliance under the Seraphim Knights. Unlike the other guilds in our alliance, we are more relaxed and focused on new and less experienced players. We like to teach the game and allow new members to grow into our friendship and comraderie. Our vision is to eventually end up with a close knit group of friends that will then move on and meet the challenges of elite areas and sojourn into Guild Wars 2.

We are open to both totally new players as well as experienced players, however, to be totally up front, there are some things for you to consider before applying:
  • If you are looking for a Guild to rush you through the game and into UberGodness.... we are not for you.
  • If you are an experienced player looking for aid in Elite areas and filling max titles on a regular, or daily basis, we are not for you.
  • If you have a strong inclination towards PvP, we are not for you.
  • If your idea of "helping" new players is to run them through a mission and then bolt off to what you were doing, we are not for you.
  • If you are expecting a Guild with a full compliment of highly functioning players and a firm set of daily events and runs and farming, we are not for you.

This is not to say we do not do these things, it is just that we are not focused highly on them. I/we wish to be absolutely honest and clear of where we stand and what we represent. Now, on the other hand, this is what we are looking for and what we expect:

  • A Cherubim is helpful. We expect members to teach what they know; take the time to explain the game; spend time playing with lower members. If this is you, we may be what you want.
  • A Cherubim is patient. This is a slower process of building a guild and has a lot of ups and downs. We feel the payoff is worth it. This may take a lot of time and effort to achieve. If this is you, we may be what you want.
  • A Cherubim is friendly. We want to know you and each other. We expect our members to be communicative and open to playing with each other. We like to tell about ourselves and get to know others. If this is you, we may be what you want.
  • A Cherubim loves NEWBIES. This game would be nothing without new players coming in. It can be intimidating and confusing. If you want to help us help newbies, OR you want a guild that can help you as a newbie, we may be what you want.

If, after reading this, you feel you do not wish to apply, please consider contacting us for admittance to one of our other guilds. We have several that may be more to your needs and liking. If you wish to continue the application, please cut the following questions and paste them into a new post with your responses.

Thanks for your interest and Hail Cherubim and well met.

Pampered One, Guild Leader


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default Re: TCK Application Form

Post by Hadouken on Wed 15 Oct - 23:17


1. Your In-Game Names and classes and what made you choose these names:

2. Chapters of Guild Wars that you own and how long you have played them:

3. What is your real life age, first name, and gender?
Don't worry, it's ok to be an in-game crossdresser, our leader is.

4. Location in the real world:
Feel free to be as specific or non-specific as you wish. It's just nice to know where you are and what may be going on around you.

5. Times and days you play:

6. Do you have Ventrilo?
This is not a requirement but it makes things a darn site easier to teach and learn through. We have our own server.

7. What do you expect from the guild, and try to elaborate about your needs:

8. In couple of sentences introduce yourself?

9. What do you like to do in the game, what do you think you can contribute to our guild, and what would you like to accomplish in the game?

10. Tell us how you found out about us:
If you are a referral from another guild member or a guild, we would like to know.

11. Any other information about yourself or your GW experiences you feel we should know or that you want to share.

Please remember to be as informative and clever as possible. One worded responses generally show a lack of genuine interest.

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