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default MISSION NIGHT 11/21

Post by Pampered One on Fri 21 Nov - 16:02

As far as I know, last weeks group that started Slavers Exile will attempt to complete it. For those of us left behind we have a few requests.

1. Till could not complete the last bosses in Ooze Pit so lets attempt that.

2. Yummy Treat is finally getting off her cute lil butt and wants to do ANY of the Crystal Desert Missions.

Please post a mission you want company or help with.


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default Re: MISSION NIGHT 11/21

Post by Alaistaria Marie on Fri 21 Nov - 16:20

If I weren't going to Slaver's Exile, I'd do some of the Crystal desert missions with ya..but alas, I"m doing the exile thing. hehe..If you're on before or after, I'll join you, though.
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default Re: MISSION NIGHT 11/21

Post by Jebus on Fri 21 Nov - 18:18

Well I can't do either Slavers or Ooze Pit, so if ya need any help with the Crystal Desert just give me a shout. Xanthos helped me finish Factions last night, so I'll most likely just be doing some random junk to get some cash for the last black dye that I need.

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default EPIC FAIL

Post by HeavyMetalHead on Sat 22 Nov - 6:51

Once again, we have to cut our time in Slaver's Exile short. This time because the end boss of it is a spirit spamming *rest of rant muffled out*. So we're taking another week to figure out how to beat this guy.

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default Re: MISSION NIGHT 11/21

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