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default Ventrilo Profile Tutorial

Post by Jebus on Fri 26 Sep - 0:51

Alright, this is to help you so that you don't have to add individuals privileges every single time. I tried to set this up as a "Ventrilo For Dummies" sort of deal.

1. Go to User Editor once logged on as Admin

2. At top you will see Profiles

(You can either edit the already made member/admin ones or add your own. I will show you how to add your own to avoid any future confusion.)

3. Just set the profiles to none at the moment to avoid confusion.

4. Begin to set-up the adding process. This would be the Network, Transmit, Display, and if leader/officer the Admin tab.

(Skip info tab as this is for Users not Profiles)

5. Once you have selected all the privileges in these tabs that you want the users in the desired profile to have click on the "Save As" button. I named my groups "Reg. Members" and "Admins." You can choose any name for these profiles that you'd like.

6. Now once a user joins who does not have an account you will start the process the same like you did before.

You will give that user a password and Add him to the "User List" so that he won't be a guest anymore. Once you have added him select the profile that you want this user to belong to. Once you have selected the profile, click on the "Load" button next to the profile name, then click on "Update" at the bottom.

Congrats! You now know how to create profiles, and how to add users to these profiles!! If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to ask me either here on the forums, or in game. And if need be, I can add pictures for ya. As we all know, nothing helps better then having pictures.

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default Re: Ventrilo Profile Tutorial

Post by Aeternalia on Fri 26 Sep - 15:45

Thanks Jeeeebs! that looks like it will be very helpful.


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default Re: Ventrilo Profile Tutorial

Post by Pampered One on Fri 26 Sep - 15:51

Thanks Jebus. I will try it when I get home today


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default Re: Ventrilo Profile Tutorial

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