TCK Application from Quiver Lord (Status: TCK Member)

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default TCK Application from Quiver Lord (Status: TCK Member)

Post by Quiver Lord on Sat 23 Aug - 0:46

1. Your In-Game Names and classes and what made you choose these names:

Quiver Lord lvl 20 R/P; Holy Man Dan lvl 20 D/M.
Rangers carry arrows in a quiver; hence, Quiver Lord. Now that I've discovered I prefer the Paragon secondary, Quiver Lord now throws a spear. So the name may not make much sense, but the build is pretty tough.
Holy Man Dan just seemed fitting for my Derv, since Dervs are suppose to be holy warriors.

2. Chapters of Guild Wars that you own and how long you have played them:

I have Factions, Nightfall, Prophecies, and Eye of the North. I've been playing about 3 months and have completed Factions and EotN with Quiver Lord, with a couple missions left in Nightfall.

3. What is your real life Age, first name(for that familiar touch) and
Gender, (and it's ok to be an ingame crossdresser, our leader is):

Real name's Scott and I'm 43/male. Not much into cross-dressing cuz I just don't know how to accessorize.

4. Location, in the real world (feel free to be as specific or
non-specific as you wish. It's just nice to know where you are at in
the world and what may be going on around you):

Michigan, USA (eastern time zone)

5. Times and days you play:

I generally play most weekday evening anytime from 7 pm to midnight (EST), depending on real life work load. I'm often on weekend afternoons and/or evenings.

6. Do you have Ventrilo? (this is not a requirement but it makes things a
darn site easier to teach and learn through. We have an Alliance server)

I don't have Ventrilo but am open to getting it if it's commonly used by Guild members.

7. What do you expect from the guild, and try to elaborate about your needs:

I was a member is a smaller guild with fewer than 20 players and fewer than 5 on-line at any time. I know there are some missions I would've been unable to complete without help from other real players (henchies can be so dumb sometimes). So I'm sure I'll continue to need help from time to time, and I certainly have lots to learn about the game. I mostly enjoy PvE and working through the missions, but I also do a lot of build testing and need someone to come beat on me 1:1 sometimes. I also do a fair amount of farming to "fund" new builds and required skills, weapons, armor, etc., and farming with another player or two can be a lot more fun. I've also done some AB and would like to do more PvP and hero battles eventually, and I'm happy to do runs or help others with quests/missions just for fun.

8. In couple of sentences introduce yourself?

I'm married with 9 kids, and my wife and two sons play GW, so we share some good times in the game. I work in the financial world in my real life, so GW is a fun escape and workout for the other side of my brain. I'm pretty laid back and don't get hung up on titles or years of experience, and I'm not afraid to admit I once accidentally salvaged an elite piece of armor while trying to change runes. It's a game after all, so the key is to have fun and treat each other with some humility. We were all level 1 once.

9. What do you like to do in the game, what do you think you can
contribute to our guild, and what would you like to accomplish in the

See response to #7.

10. Tell us how you found out about us. If you are a referral from another
guild member or a guild, we would like to know.

I was browing the guild recuritments on GW forum and liked what I read about the culture and focus of the TCK.

11. Any other information about your self or your GW experiences you
feel we should know or that you want to share.

Take at least 3 real people to kill the worm in the Heart of the Shiverpeaks mission. I hate that worm. Nasty worm.
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default Re: TCK Application from Quiver Lord (Status: TCK Member)

Post by Lady Herodias on Sat 23 Aug - 14:17

Hi Scott,

*Shakes hand*. Nice to meet and you thank you for your patience last night helping us through some of Nightfall. I think you acquired your patience from your 9 kids, and we were just an added bonus when you joined us :p. We will certainly assist you anyway we can.

Welcome to TCK's mad world.

Lady H

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