Application for Membership Zecka Thalus (Ststus: TCK Member)

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default Application for Membership Zecka Thalus (Ststus: TCK Member)

Post by Zecka on Thu 21 Aug - 1:04

1.Your In-Game Names and classes and what made you choose these names:

Zaidyn Thalus, lvl 20 Warrior/Necro,
Xchaelin Thalus, lvl 20 Monk/Elementalist
Zecka Thalus, lvl 20 Elementalist/Monk
Zu Shai Thalus, lvl 20 Assassin/Warrior
Xalia Thalus, lvl 17 Ranger/Monk
Xama Thalus, lvl 13 Necromancer/Mesmer
Xavier Thalus, lvl 14 Ritualist/Necro
Maini Thalus, lvl 9 Dervish/Paragon
Zanuya Thalus, lvl 3 Paragon

I also have two unused slots that can be set up for a newb run (create the toon with a group and go thru the entire story line. I think that would be fun, Im sadistic like that.

The names for each character were chosen based on the region in which they were raised and trained (my personal history of the Thalus Family will explain more, once its complete)

2. Chapters of Guild Wars that you own and how long you have played them:

Guild Wars (obviously), Factions and Nightfall. Should be getting Eye of the North in a few weeks. I have been playing GW since 6 months after release I think. I stopped playing for a while due to my other favorite addiction (SWG)

3. What is your real life Age, first name(for that familiar touch) and
Gender, (and it's ok to be an in game cross dresser, our leader is):

My name is Jose (jalapeño on a stick), I am 37 and male

4. Location, in the real world (feel free to be as specific or
non-specific as you wish. It's just nice to know where you are at in
the world and what may be going on around you):

Katy, TX (just west of Houston)

5. Times and days you play:

Everyday now, about 7 to midnight (minus time for food, poofter(cigarette) and pp(too much Dr. Pepper some times)…;P. Some times I will be on all day Saturday and sunday.

6. Do you have Ventrilo? (this is not a requirement but it makes things a
darn site easier to teach and learn through. We have an Alliance server)


7. What do you expect from the guild, and try to elaborate about your needs:

I expect to be welcomed as an experienced noob, griefed for my noob-ness, and thanked for the experience that my noob-ness brings (if I can remember).

I honestly expect a great deal off friendship and support that I have not received from guilds in other games that I pay for (long expensive stint in SWG and my guild are all little girls and go home whining…). I also expect to get a lot out of sharing my experience in Guild Wars with newer players and returning noobs like myself.

8. In couple of sentences introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Jose. I’m not sure what else to say…are we recording this? Oh! Well, I guess, um, ooh. I have a fairly dry sense of humor (none at all some say) and enjoy a good, witty retort. Are we done, I gotta go pee?

9. What do you like to do in the game, what do you think you can
contribute to our guild, and what would you like to accomplish in the

I enjoy running missions alone (to test my skill sets [I get spanked often]) and with groups as they(the group)can be just as entertaining as the aspects of the game. I also enjoy watching a group work well together to pull off a particularly difficult mission, making it look easy (haven’t been in many of those groups).

I wouldnt mind running my own allience to this guild based on the time I spent last night playing with the group. I dont want anyones job, corner office, company ferrari (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge), but I do have the experience in several MMO's to lead in an offical capacity if called to do so.

10. Tell us how you found out about us. If you are a referral from another
guild member or a guild, we would like to know.

I found your guild site thru guru. I was looking to see what kind of fan site or official forums existed and for some reason chose to read recruitment (tends to tell about the players mindsets) as I had not known that any of this existed before or to its current extent.
11. Any other information about your self or your GW experiences you
feel we should know or that you want to share.

I have spent my time in GW running cantha, kryta and factions mainly just to clear the maps and find out all of the secret stuff there was (that got old fast). I am fairly versed in the first two versions of the game but I don’t know all the jargon that has developed along the way.

As stated before, I spent a great deal of my time in Star Wars Galaxies and have come to the decision that I spend way too much time and money in that world. Its still fun, but I think I have been longing for a different style of play and GW gives me that (plus its free! SWG @ 2 accounts for 5 years @15.00 per month, yikes!)

So, im a pisces, my fav colour is blue. I like short walks on the beach followed by ….expletives deleted…., although the sand can be problematic. I enjoy beer and pizza, so if Im not on one night I am sleeping off a pizza binge with a hint of Guinness.

That’s all folks…

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default Re: Application for Membership Zecka Thalus (Ststus: TCK Member)

Post by HeavyMetalHead on Thu 21 Aug - 2:38

We have another Belmonte clan here. Before you ask, Belmonte was an old guild member who had all his toons share the same last name of Belmonte. He left the guild and subsequently quit playing Guild Wars altogether in favor of college.

He is missed, but you can continue his "legacy". Anyway, nice to see a Jeff Dunham fan in the guild. You can find some of his very early stand-up on YouTube. Also, welcome to the guild. We hope you enjoy your time here.

Adrian Redgrave

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default Re: Application for Membership Zecka Thalus (Ststus: TCK Member)

Post by Aeternalia on Thu 21 Aug - 12:33

Hello Jose,

That's my favorite puppet character out of that act!! hilarious...

Nice to meet ya man. Look forward to seeing you in game.


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default Re: Application for Membership Zecka Thalus (Ststus: TCK Member)

Post by Lady Herodias on Thu 21 Aug - 16:47

Zecka (aka Jose)

It was nice playing with you....your a doll putting up with me and my less confident self! Hope your patience held up playing with me and Catra :p. Nonetheless, it is great having your experience and expertise for our guild.

By the way, I love Jalepenos; my favorite food is lengua at that, and my ex family relatives for of the Latino culture.....therefore, I cooked alot of Mexican dishes. (and I am only assuming with a name Jose, you might be of that culture). If not, then everyone in the guild know my food preference! Lol

Anyway, thank you so much for joining up....looking for many more hunts together,

Lady H aka Ann

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default Re: Application for Membership Zecka Thalus (Ststus: TCK Member)

Post by Pampered One on Fri 22 Aug - 15:49

Totally understandable on switching to a free monthly game. Did Lineage 1 x 3 accounts for 2 years @ 12$ a month and 2 years of Lineage 2 x 2 accounts at 15$. Bleh I made NCSoft rich.

Glad you joined us and you are off to a flying start in helping the newer players. I hope you are getting chances to hang with some of our higher players too or work on some of your own stuff. Hollar when u do.


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default Re: Application for Membership Zecka Thalus (Ststus: TCK Member)

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