A Note on New Guild Members Communication (PLEASE READ)

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default A Note on New Guild Members Communication (PLEASE READ)

Post by Lady Herodias on Sun 17 Aug - 20:17

This is for all the new applicants coming in! I just wanted to thank everyone who is applying for guild entrance. TCK does not normally post in the recruitment sections of the community board. In fact, we usually add people from new areas when the officers and experienced players feel that the guild is ready for a new wave of new players. We now have many new guild members; therefore, we would like to balance our time with each player, so he/she has individual attention. I am writing this just to help you understand how we communicate and to assist you in getting as much help as you can.


We DO WANT TO GET THE OPPORTUNITY to group with you and get to know you. If officers or experienced players ask if you if anyone wants help in Guild Chat, or to group together, please ACCEPT any help we might be able to give. TCK really wants to assist you wherever we can.

If you're TOO QUIET, we might whisper you and ask you to join us, please don't be shy! We would love to get to know you! I know that part of playing is doing solos, exploring areas, and getting to know the game, but we also know that effectively you can get through areas with people instead of henchmen.

Please SAY "HI" when you log in...we want to acknowledge you and make you feel comfortable. If you don't answer and you log in too quietly...we might think you have your Guild Chat turned off. As a result, you'll get whispers from us! Now, if you don't answer after a whisper, then we will really think you dont like us...and Im known to be a pest! So I will ask the officers if they have heard from you; if your okay, etc. ...next thing you'll know, you will get many people whispering you!

If the communication gets to busy and annoying...I just turn off alliance and local, but please leave guild chat on, as we would like to communicate within the group so people can feel comfortable with each other.


Well, I have been told that forums just arent what they use to be since Guild Wars Wiki. Well if you peruse this sight, there are great resources, as well as nice write-ups by many of our officers. The portal itself has links that you can visit. We encourage you to use the forum as information.

PLEASE VISIT THE FORUM at least [bWEEKLY[/b], if not more. All of our Guild information about events and important announcements are listed in here. It is hard to talk to every individual so we know that this is our only way of communicating. PLEASE change your profile so that you can have messages sent to your personal email. Sometimes that helps to remind you to check the Forums.


If you choose to leave the guild because you are not getting assistance, or you feel like we are not satisfying your needs, we ask that you let us know before you leave. We might have a guild in the Alliance that might suit your playing style (PvP or Elite players), or playing times. I am sure our alliance guilds would accommodate you.

If you are going on a leave of absence...let us know too! There is a Missing in Action topic in this forum. We can feel really sad; thus making you feel guilty that we are going to miss you :p!


Well that's my little speech on communication! Please feel free to respond!

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