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default Necromancer build help

Post by Godzuki on Thu 29 May - 19:23

I just recently made a Necromancer. Now, I've never actually used a Necromancer nor do I have any experience with them, but I thought it'd be fun to make a build for him so I know what sort of skills to focus on getting.

I've no idea how this would actually work out in actual gameplay, as this is all assumption. I'm hoping any of you out there who has had a Necromancer could help me out with this build and tweak it up a bit.

This is strictly a PvE build.

Profession: Necromancer/Dervish
Blood Magic: 12 + 1 + 3 = 16
Soul Reaping: 10 + 1 = 11
Earth Prayers: 8

Vampiric Swarm:

Slow projectile: steals 63 Health. Hits 2 additional foes in the area.

Shadow Strike/Lifebane Strike:

Deals 50 damage. Steal up to 50 Health if this foe was above 50% Health.

Jaundiced Gaze

Steals 63 Health if target foe has more Health than you. Deals 63 damage if this foe has less Health than you.

Blood of the Aggressor

Steals 53 Health if target foe was attacking. Otherwise, deals 53 damage.

Mystic Regeneration

(13 seconds.) You have +3 Health regeneration for each enchantment (maximum of 3) on you.


(30 seconds.) You gain 3 Energy whenever you sacrifice Health.

Cultist's Fervor

(21 seconds.) Your spells cost 7 less Energy. You sacrifice 14% max Health each time you cast a spell.

Optional Slot
Either some sort of reusable resurrection skill, or Strip Enchantment when needed.

1. Keep Masochism up at all times.
2. Use Mystic Regeneration as a general self-heal, but keep it up whenever Cultist's Fervor is up.
3. Use Lifebane Strike/Shadow Strike first, and then whenever it recharges if your target is above 50% health, or if it's the only skill left not recharging.
4. Use Blood of the Aggressor as your main damage output and minor self-heal.
5. Use Jaundiced Gaze whenever Blood of the Agressor is recharging so you're not left hitting stuff with your staff. Also works as a self-heal.
6. When you begin to run out of energy, activate Cultist's Fervor and get your energy back to maximum by using Blood of the Aggressor and Jaundiced Gaze.
7. Use Vampiric Swarm when monsters clump up together.
8. Resurrect/Strip Enchantment when needed.

1. Either Survivor or Blessed Insignias. Radiants aren't needed as energy is generally not an issue.
2. Superior Blood Magic on head. Minor Soul reaping wherever else.
3. Whatever Vigor Rune you can afford.
4. Rest of runes should be Vitae or Attunement.
5. General usage staff would be a Insightful/Adept 20/20 Blood Magic Staff of Enchanting.

What do you guys think? I'm just hoping I never get hit with Scourge Sacrifice.

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default Re: Necromancer build help

Post by Aeternalia on Thu 29 May - 21:19

Di, any comments?
Razel, any comments?

Our Necro's seem to be AFK Razz


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default Re: Necromancer build help

Post by Wizard on Thu 29 May - 22:38

looks good doesn't looks like a bad build
I think you can replace Vampiric Swarm with Strip Enchantment
since this is your PvE
strip enchantment would work really well when dealing with monks cause of their enchantments

overall it's a good build


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default Re: Necromancer build help

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