Cherubim Knights Code Ethos (Long Version)

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default Cherubim Knights Code Ethos (Long Version)

Post by Lady Herodias on Tue 26 Feb - 0:56

The Cherubim Knights Ethos

"We, the people of the Cherubim Knights, hold that these ethos of law to be present within the being of all and in fact, form the vision we all strive to preserve and protect. All Cherubims, regardless of title, heritage, profession, creed, or disposition pledge of their own free will and volition to the edicts written within this charter. All principles herein are irrevocable and shall remain of this Realm forever. They are furthermore the duty of its people to uphold for the sanctity of the Heavenly Hosts until the dusk of Time."


All life is sacred and as such, thou shall not kill, harm or dishonor without just cause or provocation. However, at times it is necessary to defend one’s life and beliefs. It is the right of a Cherubim to “defend” themselves when confronted by situations and people which conflict with life and belief. Below are the opposing conflicts which are chargeable and against Cherubim’s causes and beliefs:

I. War: Contact with or purposeful attack against an alliance or an entity that a Cherubim is at peace with.
II. The Blackmark: Contact has been made with a person that has been deemed Unforgiven and wishes harm against the Kingdom.
III. The Oppressor: An attempt is being made to rob another citizen of like spirit, or an innocent by-stander, or an ally of Cherubim.
IV. Vandalism: Discovery of a Cherubim entity damaging property or disposing property not of ones own, or from a citizen of the heavenly realm or its Alliances.
V. Heretic: Discovery of an entity committing a heresy against the land or people of the heavenly realm.
VI. Slanderer: Discovery of an entity whose truths have been mixed with lies and its spirits have been blackened.
VI. Nuisance to the Peace: Contact has been made with a spirit that has clearly become afflicted with the horrid disease known as Spam.

* Reprieve* It is possible to forgive an enemy of the Realm, once, and only once. This is done so upon a formal request for a pardon to the Council of Cherubim. If given this second chance and failure occurs; they are to forever remain Unforgiven.

Above all else is the perseverance of our unity. One takes a risk in closing the gates of the heavenly realm. To take the life of your fellow Cherubim is the greatest evil. Never raise your hand against another. To do so, is to journey down the darkened path and relinquish your rights of brotherhood.

*Equality:* All Cherubim Knights, regardless of title, heritage, profession, creed, or disposition are inherently equal in so much as they are persons. In this respect, fellow hosts are not to be discriminated against on any of these levels. The definitive separation of ages, stewards and elders, are accounted for in the heavenly realm, thus a Cherubim respectfully honors these differences.

*Respect*: Treat other Cherubim as you would like yourself treated. To act disrespectful toward another host is to disrespect all heavenly hosts. Always strive to be courteous, polite, and friendly toward your fellows.

*Conservation*: Life is precious as well as responsibilities for one's kingdom. Cherubim does not demand singularity of purpose in the Kingdom of the Guild. However members of the Cherubim Knights, are respectful to the hierarchy of the Council. With the heavenly title of Cherubim Counsel, every effort is made to be considerate of the conservancy of time, as well as the balanced stewardship over the heavenly realm.


*The Oath of Duty* The laws of the the Heavenly Realm are intended to protect the sanctity of its people, lands, and the general peace. It is henceforth the general duty of all Cherubim s to uphold and follow any cause which promotes this directive. It is similarly held that any cause which contradicts this directive is to be opposed.

The laws of the Cherubim society are not perfect, though they strive to be so. Those that purposefully try and evade the spirit of our laws, are the enemies of our laws and are to be dealt with accordingly.

*Evasion of the Law* We place trust within our Council, as such, our council's primary role is oversee the kingdom. Thus, any "spirit" who comes against the Kingdom or its heavenly, hosts will be dealt with severely. The Council will maintain a balance in the Kingdom through a democratic government, with a single power from above. Decisions will be made through Council meeting and/or through democratic vote.

*The Lost Soul*

Although this is a rare phenomena, occasionally a soul dies only to be replaced by a new soul within the same realm. Those whose soul remains cleansed, will be honored back into the Kingdom. A villainous soul can be replaced by goodly soul and vice versa. Souls that are evidenced to have gone through a transition will be evaluated by their current deeds. Souls experiencing retribution will sever their bond of brotherhood until such time his soul has been cleansed. Upon cleansing, he will be accepted back into the Kingdom. In the case of reforming villains, a villain will remain so until their actions are deemed to have made amends for their past misdeeds.


* The Oath of Preservation*

Protect the Kingdom as though it were your own lifeblood. As the land lives and breathes, so do the Cherubim. As the land withers and dies, so do the heavenly hosts. The Cherubim and the land are one.[/color][i]

"Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war." Otto Von Bismarck

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default Oath of Loyalty

Post by Aeternalia on Thu 20 Mar - 1:03

The Oath of Loyalty.

The Cherubim Knights are forever my brothers and sisters. They are my blood, my family, my spirit. To take a Cherubim Knights' life is to take my own. All Cherubim Knights shall be equal in my eyes, having no difference in physical form, all being of the heavenly body and acting in one accord. I will respect the High Council by supporting the decisions made by the members of the Cherubim Council. I will assist the body of the Heavenly Realm and my brothers and sisters in matters of concern, within my power. On this day, I freely and without hesitation give my total being into the Heavenly Realm and state undeniably, I am a Cherubim Knight.

Officer's Response
Aye, from this dayforward, you are a Cherubim Knight.

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