VerWay(SabWay Varient) - NECRO Build

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default VerWay(SabWay Varient) - NECRO Build

Post by Guest on Sat 29 Mar - 18:03


What is it? Sabway is a build focused around 3 necros to deal out massive damage and return on energy for unlimited energy as long as there are corpses. VerWay is based around the same concepts but is based around more team protections then outright healing. It is a 4 man build for vanquishing that allows the player to go through any area with corpses with ease.

A close version of Sabway can be found here. Or the orginal can be dug up on GwG(Guild Wars Guru).

Now for VerWay!

Jagged Bomber MM: Template Code OAhjUwGpYSLVVBoB4BNfLCJgYMA

Jagged Bones[E]
Animate Bone Minions
Death Nova
Blood of the Master
Withering Aura(only use if you are a melee class)
Infuse Condition
Foul Feast
Splinter Weapon(only use if you are a melee class)

Death Magic: 12+1+1(I prefer minor but superior can be used)(not suggested)
Soul Reaping: 9+1
Channeling Magic: 9

Icy Veins Necro: Template Code OAhCY8xTVtmJ0sDWiywuL5C

Signet of Lost Souls
Icy Veins[E]
Rigor Mortis(only bring if you are a melee)(if not switch out for reckless haste)
Enfeebling Blood
Mark of Pain
Rip Enchantment
Death Pact Signet

Curses: 12+1
Soul Reaping: 12+1+1
Restoration Magic: 3

WoH Necro: Template Code OANDYYzvOVVNSARLWPurTf0I

Signet of Lost Souls
Word of Healing[E]
Patient Spirit
Reversal of Fortune
Spirit Bond
Protective Spirit
Shield of Absorption
Resurrection Chant

Healing Prayers: 12
Protection Prayers: 10
Soul Reaping: 8+1+1

Why are these bars better then the sabway found on PvX...? I will tell you. As this setup is ment for hard mode protection is much more important then direct healing. Direct healing is all that a N/Rt can provide. Thus making a N/Mo hybrid bar a much better choice. It has just as much healing as the N/Rt does with 3 spells. Allowing for 3 more spells that will decrease dtps(damage taken per second). It has great energy management through SoLS(Signet of Lost Souls) and the Soul Reaping attribute. Allowing for 1 spell to res fallen teammates.

The IV necro puts out much more damage then the SS necro used in Sabway due to the fact of quick recharge on Icy Veins and the fact it does aoe damage when the foe is killed. Thus allowing a necro to spam it on a monster every 5 seconds with a greater chance of the foe dieing quickly. SS is only good over a period of time and you will wipe enemies so fast the full affect is lost unlike with Icy Veins.

The Jagged Bomber gives you a great minion wall fast and allows you to deal great damage through death nova and create Jagged Minions through the use of Jagged Bones just like Sabway. However due to the fact that the protection is given to another necro you are allowed 4 more spells based around team support. This build was based around the creation with a melee class human. That is why there are so many buffs for a melee class in there. Splinter allows great aoe damage. Withering Aura allows you a great way to lower the attributes of already higher levels then you. Lowering there spells attributes by 1 can greatly decrease there damage.

This can be run with 4 henchies for any 8 man area or upon request I will Publish 3 more hero builds to be run along side these for good synergy.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to post.

~Publisher Ver I Zon~
~Copyright ArenaNet~
I hereby release the information in this thread to be copied with publishers consent to any other forum based on or around Guild Wars. Request can be asked in writing by emailing Proper recognition must be given along with a link to the thread.

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default Re: VerWay(SabWay Varient) - NECRO Build

Post by Lady Herodias on Sun 30 Mar - 16:43

Nice post. I'll look to see if I have some of these skills, if not I would like to eventually go out and capture these. It would be interesting to go out with a group of Necro's since we have so many of them in this guild to try this build out!


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default Re: VerWay(SabWay Varient) - NECRO Build

Post by Guest on Mon 31 Mar - 0:09

it's supposed to be for heroes but i guess you can try this with players.

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default Re: VerWay(SabWay Varient) - NECRO Build

Post by Rade on Mon 31 Mar - 9:55

I've used Sabway with a fair bit of success and I've always wondered if it could be tweaked into something even better.
So much thanks for your post Ver ... Ima gonna give it a try on my next hard mode excursion and I'm sure this will make for
an easier time.

peace ... Rade

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default Re: VerWay(SabWay Varient) - NECRO Build

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